Help defend cuteness
throughout the universe.

Alien forces have invaded the previously peaceful planet of Cutelandia, home of the benevolent Bunny Buds. Forced to battle for their lives against robot hordes controlled by these invading marauders, as well as a zombie virus brought with them from the depths of interstellar space, these bunnies need all the help they can get to save their homeland. Help Cutelandia by minting new bunnies to join in the fight!

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Mint: .02 ETH Each | 20 Bunnies Max

9,999 Left

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Limit of 20 Bunny Buds per transaction.

All Bunny Buds have been rehomed!

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The Bunny Buds mint will include 9,999 completely individual generative characters, approximately 75% good bunnies (Bunny Buds) and 25% bad bunnies, including the invading aliens, their Bunny Bot slaves and Zombunnies. Apart from the programatic batch, we'll launch with 300 additional completely hand-drawn ultra-unique variants.

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The Bunny Buds have a long journey ahead of them. Check it out below and join the adventure!



Mint your Bunny Buds at 0.02 ETH.



Once 20% of Bunny Buds have found a new home, we'll start regular rare NFT giveaways to our Discord members and Twitter followers.


Community Art Contests

Our team has been drawing, designing and creating since forever but we need your help. Once this milestone is unlocked we will allow our community to take part in creating a richer visual universe for the Bunny Buds.


Exclusive Merch Store

We're already designing various shirts, hats and more to celebrate finding homes for over half of the Bunny Buds. look forward to a full store front and merch giveaways after the store launches.


Develop Webtools

Begin development on new bunny tools which includes new enhancements for the community like Twitter background generators and more!


Community Expansion

After rehoming all of the Bunny Buds, we want to focus on community expansion opportunities, exclusive benefits of the Bunny Buds community and much more!

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Founder Buds

Get to know the team that is leading the Bunny Buds Army to take back their planet!

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Project Lead / Community

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Project Lead / Community

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Artist / Community

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